About Us

PAK SHUTTLE COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED is a well-known name for manufacturing of the wooden accessories for the conventional power looms, not only in Pakistan but also in many other countries actively involved in the same. Given below is the historical background of the company.

Our History

The COMPANY started its journey in 1963, and became operational the following year. Its idea was floated by the late MIAN ABDUL RASHEED who realized that the textile weaving would be the backbone of Pakistan's industry in future, and so it couldn't afford to be dependent on the import of weaving machine parts from the countries of western Europe and America which had already monopolized the selling of these machines along with their spare parts all over the world.
In the beginning Pakistan's weaving industry was not in a position to bear the high costs of imported machinery, so the idea of establishing PAK SHUTTLE COMPANY was highly appreciated. Soon the procurement of weaving shuttles was started, which differed in sizes according to the types of fabric and machines.
After accomplishing excellence in the field of shuttle making, the company started the production of weft pirns, bobbins, followed by laminated picking sticks and side levers which today form part of one of our main production ranges. The complete production setup and technical skill was of absolute perfection without a slightest difference from the same products imported from Japan, China or Europe.
In the early production days the COMPANY used to import compressed wooden blocks (the main raw material for shuttles) from United Kingdom, Germany and United States of America. The compressed wooden blocks were very expensive, and so in 1977 the COMPANY installed its own wood compressing plant by the limited resources it had, becoming the first company to own a wood compressing plant in Asia.
By 1978 the COMPANY had already captured the domestic market and now started aiming for exporting overseas, where it got a very positive response. It was this response that the COMPANY is now holding its own offices abroad to look after the business in the respective country.


Today, we are the largest textile shuttle producing company in Pakistan, with a team of highly trained and professional people who are masters of their skills. Our different stages of manufacturing are divided into different departments, so as to ensure the quality of the products. The company, which in 1964 started its journey with only few people and limited resources, today has more than hundred workers and management staff. Our main departments include production, finance and management, marketing, and international business. These departments work together for the same organizational goals. In addition to that, the COMPANY also started its research & development department recently which is working on the better quality and quantity of the products, and also examining new trends and changes in textile industry in Pakistan and abroad.
Now we are the largest producer of wooden shuttle and power looms accessories in Pakistan as well as the largest exporter of accessories of textile looms. We are currently exporting to Indonesia, Iraq, Syria, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Iran. We are fully aware of the demands of our customers, and keep ourselves up-to-date with the changes taking place in the markets.

Tariq Rasheed,
Chief Executive Officer,